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Dr. Virginia Bonner
Professor of Film Studies
Department of Visual and Performing Arts
Clayton State University
Office: Carnes Hall, room 105
Office Hours: scheduled via AdvisorConnect
by email, Teams, & appt.
Phone: (678) 466-4713
Fax: (678) 466-4769


Ph.D. in Women's Studies and Film Studies, Emory University, 2003
M.A. in Art History, University of Florida, 1993
B.S. in Psychology, University of Florida, 1991


In Fall 2021, I am teaching Introduction to Film (FILM 2100) and Deconstructing Disney (FILM 3360).

In Spring 2022, I am teaching Introduction to Film (FILM 2100), African American Cinema (FILM 3350), and Film Analysis & Criticism (FILM 4310).

In Summer 2022 I am teaching Introduction to Film (FILM 2100).

Courses taught during these and future semesters may include:

Introduction to Film (FILM 2100)

History of Cinema (FILM 2700)

Film Analysis and Criticism (FILM 4310)

African American Cinema (FILM 3350)

Deconstructing Disney (FILM 3360)

Women and Film (FILM 4320)

Great Directors: The French New Wave (FILM 3700)   

Women and the Arts (FILM 4810)

National Cinemas (FILM 3340)

Film Genres (FILM 4330)

Women and Popular Culture (CMS 3810)

Selected Topics (FILM 4800)
    Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Art
    Italian Renaissance Architecture

Great Works in Art History (ART 5000)

Media and Culture (CMS 3101)

Research & Service

I have published articles and anthology chapters on films by Agns Varda, Alain Resnais, Lizzie Borden, and L.A. Rebellion filmmakers Alile Sharon Larkin and Barbara McCullough, as well as television series Stranger Things and Fleabag. Current projects include articles on Sally Potter's Yes (2005), on Jonathan Caouette's Tarnation (2004), and on Disney's The Princess and the Frog (2009). Ongoing research studies race, sexuality, and gender represenation in independent cinemas and the experimental documentary cinema of Paris' Left Bank Group; key directors for this study include Chris Marker, Agns Varda, and Alain Resnais.

I serve as co-chair of the Dean's Diversity Initiatives Committee (DDIC), as chair of the Promotion and Tenure Committee for the Visual and Performing Arts Department, and as Secretary and Treasurer for Clayton State's chapter of The American Association of University Professors (AAUP). I am also a fellow with the Intensive Colloquium on Inclusive Education (ICIE), a member of the University Committee on Inclusion and Equity (UCIE), and a member of the College of Arts & Sciences Full Professor Promotion and Tenure Committee.


The Bachelor's Degree in Film Production

Department of Visual and Performing Arts
College of Arts and Sciences
Clayton State University